When installing a Doc M Pack, think about the needs of the end user, it makes understanding Doc M easy. Here are sample room Doc M layouts with a little extra guidance from NYMAS and NO jargon! You may have other questions and if you do please call us or comment.

Doors – entrance, manoeuvre, exit

Firstly, doors that open outwardly give the user space to manoeuvre within the cubicle or room and therefore preferred. If space is not an issue or there is an important reason the door must open inwardly such as obstruction of the main passageway there are some important room dimensions to consider. A 450mm diameter of space is needed to move around in a wheelchair as well as enough space to assist someone between the inward swing of the door, the WC and the side wall of the compartment.

Whichever way the door swings a horizontal grab rail, positioned on the inside is needed to be fully inclusive and safe, the door can be closed easily when in use and pushed open to exit.

WC for wheelchair-accessible toilet

This room layout of a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet with a corner WC shows the minimum overall dimensions and arrangement. This layout is often used in an older commercial building, hotel or B&B as well as a home washroom when space is limited.

Hinged rails - Fit a drop down hinged rail to the side of a WC if there is less than 400mm from the centre line of the WC to the horizontal grab rail on the wall. This gives the user support while using the WC but the important of it ‘dropping’ down is to allow space to transfer onto the toilet. Another good point to mention here is the use of one of our stable toilet seats with adjustable locating buffers to assist in this side transfer.


Heights and fittings

At this stage you can imagine that height of units toilets and rails are just as important as where they are located in the washroom. All the services should be available and at the right height for someone in a wheelchair, an ambulant user as well as a non-disabled person as this may be the only toilet of the building.

A wheelchair is generally between 720mm and 740mm high, this is an important factor when looking at any installation of washroom sanitary wear and accessories. The diagrams below (19 and 20) shows the heights and arrangement of fittings needed in a disabled washroom.

It’s important to make sure that the basin height is at the correct height for all users. When you install a Doc M toilet pack which is the only toilet facility in the building, there needs to be two basins, one for people standing and one for use from the WC.

WC cubicle for ambulant disabled people

Ambulant toilets shown in this room layout are often in smaller spaces and the heights and dimensions of the room should be as the diagram below. With the position of grab rails being vital so they support users when needed. They need to be big enough or enlarged for use by someone who is disabled but may not use a wheelchair, the minimum dimension for this is 1200mm wide the WC pan must be 480mm high and comply with the key dimension within the British Standards and can be used with a toilet seat riser to be compliant with the document.

This room must have at least one wash basin with its rim at 720 to 740mm above the floor.  At least one urinal with rim at 380mm for men with two 1100mm horizontal grab bars at either side for support.

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