Advantages of our plastic fluted grab rails

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White plastic grab rail

Advantages of our plastic fluted grab rails

Grab rails, sometimes known as grab bars or hand rails, are useful for many people including the older generation and disabled people as well as their carers who may need support while transferring a patient from one place to another.

At NYMAS, we make sure we have the best grab rails on the market so we constantly strive to improve our design and manufacturing processes to be innovators within our industry and to make life easier for those that need and use them.

Why should I buy a NYMAS grab rail?

A grab rail must be durable and practical with a good grip. Our plastic fluted grab rails have been designed and manufactured to help a user get a good grasp on the bar which prevents the users hand from slipping.

At NYMAS we supply white plastic fluted grab rails (pictured) with a superior anti-slip grip which help to keep the user safe. We offer three lengths, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm, ensuring we will have the right one for the job in hand and with a maximum rated load of 100kg, makes this a strong and steady rail.

Where would you use grab rails?

  • Close to a door or main entrance
  • Kitchen wall
  • Stairs where current rail is too short or only one side
  • In the garden for help into garden buildings or to manage steps
  • Wet environments to prevent falls in shower or bathrooms.

The flexibility of adding a grab rail means you can position it on a wall at any height so the user can easily reach and use it to support themselves. This makes it ideal for a domestic home, residential home and a high use public building.

Indoors and outdoors?

These grab rails are not only ideal for inside, they can also be used outdoors around main entrances and exits, gardens and sheds. They have UV stabilisation properties which means they won’t discolour from the sun and harsh weather. The high-quality ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts so makes it the perfect material for support aides. Another advantage of using ABS for grab rails is that it won’t feel cold to touch on a wintery day, or too hot to touch on a warm sunny day.

As the manufacturing process of ABS and the ease of producing products in this material is an easier and simpler process we can pass on cost savings to our customers making this a perfect addition to our NymaPRO range.

Do I need to add a grab rail to my build/development?

We believe the answer is a simple yes! Everyone should take a role in reducing accidents such as slips and falls which occur without proper support. The elderly are much more likely to fracture their bones due to falls causing them a lot of pain and can lead to hip injuries. Following a fall, elderly people also find it hard to regain their feet so a grab rail or some other support would be advantageous to get help. The longer they remain on the floor, the more unwell they could become.

These high quality NymaPRO plastic fluted grabs rails are durable, stable, reliable and perfect for a doc M home or public use building. Please call us for prices or contact your nearest merchant and #askforNYMAS.


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