Lift & Lock v Friction Hinged

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Lift & Lock v Friction Hinged

An integral element of any inclusive washroom is the support rail. Without one of these rails a less-abled user would find it very difficult to transition from their wheelchair to the toilet, but more importantly once on the toilet it would be almost impossible to then transition from the toilet back to their wheelchair safely due to the differences in height between the toilet and the wheelchair. This then leaves the user with a dilemma of not using the washroom or attempting to transition back on to their wheelchair, where they risk falling and injury.

NYMAS provide two designs of support rails across our product ranges, the two options are Lift & Lock support rails and Friction Hinged support rails. Both are extremely durable and can blend with any bathroom style.

Lift & Lock

A Lift & Lock support rail is named after the mechanism employed within the rail to provide the user adequate support. When in the upright position the rail locks into the back plate to ensure that it cannot accidentally fall down. The user has to then lift the rail from the lock and position it down them self.

Friction Hinged

A friction hinged rail is again named after the mechanism which gives it both the movement and support that is required to function to a high standard. A Friction Hinged support rail has a clamp built within the housing of the rail. This is then tightened from either side to provide enough friction between the hinge and rail to ensure it can hold its own weight regardless of its position.

Both designs of support rail are Doc M compliant as well as matching the needs and requirements necessary for an accessible washroom and with the variety within our product offering we are certain that there will be no compromise when it comes to style. To view our different options of support rails click here.

If you have any questions regarding support rails or any other NYMAS product click here.

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