Changing Places 101 (And How We Can Help)

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Changing Places 101 (And How We Can Help)

‘Changing Places’ Toilets: What You Need to Know

You might be very familiar with Changing Places toilets or you might have just seen the term mentioned in the news. Either way this positive and very welcome accessibility development is something we’ll all be hearing about, and working with, more and more often.

That’s why we’ve compiled a coffee break overview designed for everyone from trade and merchant professionals to retailers and estimators. We’ve also included details explaining how we can help.

Read on to discover the need to know essentials of this outstanding advance in inclusivity.

Changing Places Toilets: The Basics

What is a Changing Places toilet? Simply a space designed to meet the needs of over 250,000 people in the UK who need extra space and equipment beyond the standard specification of an accessible facility. An agreed layout was drawn up as a result of a campaign formed in 2005 by two accessibility organisations plus Mencap, and more recently, Muscular Dystrophy UK. The campaign worked to make these enhanced spaces available in more public places.

A Changing Places toilet was approved for inclusion in BS 8300 in 2009 with more references included in Doc M by 2013. The drive to make more Changing Places available in public buildings and tourist attractions received a further boost in July when local councils in the UK were encouraged to apply for a share of a £30m fund provided by the UK government.

Toilet facilities aiming to be registered as a Changing Place should include:

• Overhead hoist system

• Height-adjustable bench

• Peninsular toilet

• Dropdown rails

• Height-adjustable basin

• Vertical grab rails

• Wide paper roll dispenser

• Retractable privacy screen

• Full-length mirror

• Paper towel dispenser

• Hand dryer

• General waste bin

• Sanitary bin

• Coat hooks

• Colostomy bag shelf

The Changing Places website explains the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the features needed:

• Toilet: “A centrally placed, peninsular toilet with room either side for a wheelchair user, and wall-mounted vertical grab rails and drop-down support rails on either side to offer support while transferring and while seated.”

• More space: “The room should be at least 12 square metres, which will provide adequate space for the user, turning space for a wheelchair and room two carers if required. The floor surface should be non-slip and there should be plenty of space for a privacy screen and waste bins.”

• Washbasin: “The washbasin should have clear space below the bowl, to allow a wheelchair user to access it comfortably. Ideally a height adjustable washbasin is preferred so that the height can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. Many Changing Places Toilets also provide a shower which can be used with a shower seat or over the changing bench.”

• Changing Bench & Hoist: “A height adjustable, adult-sized changing bench to provide a comfortable, stable platform for people who use incontinence pads or who need help being changed or undressed to use the toilet. A ceiling track hoist eliminates the need to lift a person manually and removes the risk of injury to the carer or the person being transferred. It allows someone who cannot self-transfer to move about the room with comfort and dignity.”

The clear, agreed and evidenced standards for a Changing Places toilet, and most of all the benefits to the end user of a building, mean the practical and ethical arguments for providing a Changing Places facility are extremely compelling.

Find out more about the layout, standards and installation of a Changing Places toilet here and read on to discover how we can support your project.

Changing Places Toilets: We’re Here to Help 

Not only can we provide Changing Places compliant fitting and accessory packs purpose-made for an individual project but our team will be proud to help before, during and after the installation with any questions you might have.
After all, we’re trusted across the UK and worldwide as the established specialists in help professionals to create compliant, accessible spaces. 

We do this through:

• A superb choice of styles

• Our reputation as a trusted UK brand  

• Peerless compliance support

To discuss any accessible washroom project simply contact a NYMAS expert.

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